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about actual software development with a team? i learned alot. one of the most fun class ive taken

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I believe I have gained a great deal of knowledge. This class has been incredible. Everyone in the class inspires me. Thanks to Dr. Stonedahl, the experience has been enjoyable. Sad to say, it ends in two weeks.

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Thats awesome!!!

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I knew nothing about software development before this class so I have gained a substantial amount of knowledge-- it's honestly hard to even comprehend how far I've come from that first week when I knew nothing about JavaFx or Git or anything else! It feels like the course hasn't been very long but I have learned so much.

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It’s been an amazing semester so far in this class. Like (I’m assuming) everyone in the class, I knew nothing about true software development before coming into the class. I already had some knowledge about git and github but not on the level Stonedahl has been teaching us. Then actual coding itself, the design patterns are so interesting to me because it answers so many of my questions on how to efficiently set up your code to make maintaining and writing the code so much easier.

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I think the bucketed way of putting the entire code into different class and package was more valuable.

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I learn a lot from this course honestly, every OOP from the 202 starts to make sense when we actually get our hands on doing stuff

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I'd say this was the most fun CS class i've taken yet

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I feel like I've definitely learned a great deal from this class. Specifically with git and JavaFX, but also the concept of software development in general (such as AGILE development and scrumming).

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I've definitely learned a lot from this class. I knew nothing about JavaFX or git before this class. I've also learned more coding and debugging strategies.

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