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How prepared are you guys for the product release?

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We need to finalize the save and the print feature.

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I think that overall we have a strong base, there is always room for improvement of course but what we have, we are all extremely proud of!

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Thats amazing!!

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Not sure yet need to clear up on the work first.

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On Friday, I have an exam. After that, I might actually start working. I think my team is doing well for the time being. Many things must yet work out.

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Same for me. I have a few exams coming up.

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I would really like to get more of the features that Dr. Stonedahl outlined in Memo 4 working, but hopefully whatever we are able to get done within the time constraint will be good enough! I feel like we have a lot of the most important features but there is always room for improvement.

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Definitely going to prepare for the pitch!

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I'm kinda nervous on how we will pitch on our product honestly, but my team works really well together so hopefully we will figure it out.

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Frankly, we still have a lot to do. We've done a lot but there's still more features that require polishing

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We need to finalize the save and the print feature.

(Sorry, this was supposed to be an answer, not a comment)

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very nervous initially but i felt fine during the presentation

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