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When I tried to pull my teammate's code, I keep having the error reference to Filter interface is ambiguous, I didn't change anything and it works on her end. Do I need to update Java or anything?

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Were you able to solve the porblem? If so how did you do it and r u using mac or windows?

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Based on this Stack Overflow thread (https://stackoverflow.com/questions/8966397/why-does-implementing-this-generic-interface-create-an-ambiguous-reference), the error you're encountering maybe as a result of multiple classes or interfaces with the same name in the scope, and the compiler cannot determine which one to use.

There maybe conflicting imports too. Try to check your imports and inheritance hierarchy for any conflicts.

As a troubleshooting step, try cleaning and rebuilding your project to eliminate any cached artifacts or conflicting files that could be contributing to the issue.

If not too, you can maybe copy and paste the specific error message and relevant portions of the code for a more targeted help

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