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  1. Confirm printer availability using Printer.getDefaultPrinter().
  2. Display a print dialog using showPrintDialog(null) for user settings.
  3. Pass the VBox with lesson plan cards to printPage for content printing.
  4. Organize code by creating a separate method like printContent.
  5. Include error handling to inform users if printing fails.

2 Answers

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In our team project, after we created a PrinterJob class we generated a node representing printable content. Each card in the lesson plan is represented as a Node, and these nodes are arranged vertically in a VBox (printableContent).

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How did you implement it with the print button? When we tried to run it just showed a blank screen.

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It can be tricky this time around because on the recent sprint we were told to find a way to print in a way where they only see the text. Perhaps you create a class that is used to filter the cards and the give a nice format given all the cards from the plan. Like if you have a plan class you have get all cards in that plan in the plan class and connecte it to the build print format class and print it?

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