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Tabs really don't look good, just wanted a way to change what it looked like.

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you can edit the border and backround radius within styles to change the shape into more of an oval. how do you want to change its look

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You can also use a bit CSS if you're into it. Our team used a bit off CSS
For example: Create a CSS file, then in the CSS file, you can target the tab and define styles for it. Like this: .tab {

-fx-background-color: #3498db; 
-fx-text-fill: white; 
-fx-font-size: 14px; 
-fx-font-weight: bold; 

Then apply the CSS to your JavaFX application:
String css = getClass().getResource("styles.css").toExternalForm();

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Like the tabs, my group implemented a navigation pane that's populated with labels that once clicked reassign one of the border panes to one of our other fxml screens (while keeping the nav pane present). Youtube has some good examples of navigation panes that you can use if you're interested in redesigning that part of your code. Hopefully this was helpful.

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