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We did do the add cards there, we also have this internal data base model to have all the plans which is diff from what prof told to do not sure who else did them.

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My team added a drag-and-drop function into our program. This is something that was not specifically in the sprint but definitely will add to the user experience. We have it working pretty well, but she had some suggestions on how to make it better.

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My team had an "add new lesson plan" button that allows you to create multiple lesson plans. You can add cards to whichever lesson plan you choose to. This is something different we did.

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My team added an autocomplete feature for the search bar. When the user begins typing, suggestions are made about the drills based on the typed words.

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Well, my team added a print feature that you can print that you can print your plan or download the plan to your local

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Our group also added this function!

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My team added a card browser separate from the lesson plan so users could print out individual cards.

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My team has a function allows drag in multiple cards and we are thinking of implementing an filter in each event section in lesson plan to filter the cards.

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My team and I are considering the implementation of a feature to archive lessons within the app. This could involve showcasing them on the front page or creating a dedicated section, eliminating the need for clients to consistently switch to their desktops and load content when it can be conveniently accessed directly within the app.

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Aside from the sprint suggestions and the other features already mentioned in this thread, our team was thinking about adding "dark mode" but the idea got scrapped when we realized the cars were white and it would be pointless

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