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I was just curious if people are done with sprint 2 features/requirements and working on some features/requirements from sprint 3, or are still working on sprint 2 features/requirements? Or just in general how are teams doing and how far you've reached!:) Is the print feature at least possible and has worked for someone in the class?

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my team is still working on Sprint 2 features, we have implemented a lot of functionalities that we needed like the search bar features, buttons and the layout in general (like the main UI view). We are still working on the print feature, I think that's what's taking the most time but I think is very possible and just needs more time dedication before the client meets us on Thursday.

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We are still mostly working on sprint 2 features like trying to figure out a better way to implement the filters that would be considered "better coding style." One of our team members has been working on trying to figure out how to print and from what he has found, it seems like printing is possible to do.

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Our team is currently working on sprint 2 features. we are finishing up some functionalities.

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We are almost done with our sprint 2 features and have started working on more sprint 3 features.

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I think that we have definitely implemented a lot of much needed functionality that we didn't have in our first Sprint. While we are still working out some bugs, we have mostly moved onto Sprint 3 advancements.

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Our team is still working on sprint 2 features, but we have kind of begun implementing some sprint 3 features as well. Some graphical looks and things like that. I do know that printing is possible though because we have done it

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