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Is it just me or did you guys also had hard time installing Nclass uml editor on your pc? How did you fix it or did you use another web app(which i also chose to do)?

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3 Answers

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I also had a hard time! I tried downloading the executable several times and something else that it told me I had to download and I couldn't get it to install. I ended up just going to the lab in Olin to do the assignment.

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I was able to install the nclass on my PC:

  • I used http://nclass.sourceforge.net/ (the link on Moodle).

  • I clicked the blue "Download NClass" button on the screen.

  • I clicked "Installation program" and ran the setup.exe file.

  • After that, I was able to follow the directions and get it installed.

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I was able to download the setup.exe file by trying to follow these steps, but it simply won't open. Is your PC a MAC?


It is not a MAC. It has an older version of Windows on it, which is most likely the reason it worked (because on a different laptop with the newer version of windows, I ran into the issue described above).

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NClass wouldn't download for me either. I tried installing every version of .NET it told me I needed to install, but none of them worked. I think that the NClass uml editor is just outdated and simply doesn't work on some computers. I have a windows 11 computer, I wonder if that could be why it doesn't download. It's annoying because I know half the people I talk to downloaded it without any issues. I have been using smartdraw uml editor https://www.smartdraw.com/uml-diagram/uml-diagram-tool.htm instead of NClass, and for the group uml drawing I just worked on it with our team on one computer.

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