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I'm curious to know on average how often everyone meets. Also, do you guys pair program on one computer or multiple? Which is the most efficient in your opinion?

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we meet once a week to catch up and assign tasks but we like to communicate mostly on snap

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Personally we meet outside of class about 2-3 times per week. Usually we pair program on at most 2 computers. Makes for less conflicts that way

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My team has set up two scrum meetings per week but to be honest we only met like 3 or 4 times thus far. We will definitely be meeting more moving forward since we have more things to work on now.

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Once per week, more than once only if necessary. We work on our own laptops, so we use git to update the programs on our laptops. I think it is easier this way because in case we don't meet for a week, we can still work independently and push/pull our work.

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We took a screenshot of everyone's class schedule and posted it on a google doc so whenever someone wants to schedule a meeting. They look at an appropriate time for everyone and ask the group through a groupchat. We meet typically Sunday's and Monday's either in the Fishbowl study area behind the brew or in the library at the table with the TVs. so, we can have a big screen to show images of inspiration or to demonstrate what a discussion is about to everyone at the table, while we work on our own laptops.

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mostly once per week

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we usually meet up once a week besides the scrum meeting in class. If it is a busy week may be twice.

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Once per week till now on fridays but we'll probably meet more frequently for the next sprint

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My group tries to meet at least once a week, but we are all super busy people, so it doesnt always happen in person. However, we are always in constant communication

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We meet about two times a week if possible. Normally not everyone can go, so it's meetings of only two or three people. When there are two people we pair program on a big feature, otherwise we split apart on different tasks and come together when someone is stuck on something. But besides for running into problems, we find that more than two people working on one tasks is very inefficient

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We meet up 2 or 3 times a week. We don't pair program super often, but if we do we do it on one computer.

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