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Has anyone been successful in trying to make a gridpane scrollable? How'd you do it?

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5 Answers

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You can achieve this by wrapping your GridPane inside a ScrollPane.

Ideally you can edit it in the fxml file in scene builder and make the ScrollPane the parent, and the GridPane the child.

Or you can modify it in the code:
ScrollPane scrollPane = new ScrollPane(gridPane);

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Another possibility to consider would be to include the 3rd party "ControlsFX" library in your project.

The GridView component looks rather promising, depending on the UI design you're trying to accomplish... https://controlsfx.github.io/features/gridview/

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Thank you Dr. Stonedahl!

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You can use a scorllview and then include the gridpane within that

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I put all of the cards into a flowPane and I put the flowPane into a scrollPane. It wont start scrolling and it won't show the scrollbar until you add enough cards to scroll off of the page, this messed me up for a little bit.

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you can embed the Grid Pane within a ScrollPane. You should also use the setFitToWidth(true) and setFitToHeight(true) to ensure that the content of the GridPane resizes to fit the available space within the ScrollPane.

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