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I try to continue working on the last folder but when I try to view the folder they said "mac zsh: no such file or directory:" although I have entered the path right

asked in CSC305 Fall 2023 by (2.6k points)

Can you give more information about exactly what you're doing/trying, including the path that you think is the right path, and the path you are trying?

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It's hard to know without more information, but one possibility might be that your path includes spaces or other special characters that might pose a problem for navigating to it using the cd command in the terminal.

You could try enclosing the path in quotation marks... e.g.

cd "/Users/alice/Desktop/CSC 305/my git files/"

Or you might need to "escape" spaces or some other special characters using backslash...

cd /Users/bob/money\$pot/my\ git\ files" 

if the outer folder name is "money$pot" and the inner folder is "my git files"

(Alternatively, it might be a good idea not to store your git repos in a folder with a name that includes spaces or other special characters....?)

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