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Our team is using sliders to determine the size of the map prior to editing. Our sliders give a range from 10 to 30 on both width and length. However, in certain circumstances, we want to have users to pick from at least 20 by 20. Right now, I have the size controller window to make a warning alert if the size was smaller than 20 by 20. But I want to make sliders to change so that from 20 to 30 is only given without making another fxml. Is there a way to make sliders look from 20 to 30 instead of original(10 to 30) without creating a new fxml when maze and random were selected?

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2 Answers

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Sliders have a setMin method that you could call, taking a new (double) minimum value for the slider. Try calling that somewhere in your controller.

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I tried setMin and setMax method but in UI it won't change the appearance of sliders.


That seems odd -- I think setMin and setMax ought to do the trick. Where/when are you calling setMin and setMax on the slider in your code? In the initialize method for that controller? (And did you remember to put the @FXML annotation above the initialize method?)

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Did you try to edit the slider in the scene builder by right clicking on the slider and then selecting ‘set slider min and max’? It will look like this: min: (textbox)

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