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I already have my email connected to my linked in account but I can't access the course. Is there something else I need to do to request access?

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5 Answers

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You click on the link Dr Stonedahl sent us, then it's your full augustana email and the password you use to log into all of your other augustana connected accounts

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idk if its just me but for me the page takes forever to load and then fails to load :(

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I didn’t even have a linkedin account, I just clicked the link and put in my Augustana email and password and it worked. You could try doing the course and log in at the end.

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I just clicked the sign in with Google button and that immediately loaded the video for me.

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Make sure the account that is using your augustana email as the primary email that is linked to the Linked In learning. If that is not working, then go under linked in learning and search for the course with the exact same name and time frame. Then load it, see that all the parts of the course is not locked because it should be available for free if you logged in using augustana email and connected your account to the linked in learning.

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