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What were your research papers about?

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Survey on Network Attacks

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Internet Connections at Augustana College and its correlation to student productivity

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We found out that the internet connections at the dorms is really bad as it only gets about 60Mbps download speed and 80Mbps upload speed even past midnight when there is less traffic on a wired connection.

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Preventing Network Attacks

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Part of out paper is looking at what other colleges of similar size to Augustana are doing with their internet networks.

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It was about Augie Internet Connection

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If our Augustana WiFi should be better and how it can improve...(we all know the campus wifi can be better)

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It's sad how it's down and slow most of the time :/ I wasn't able to submit my assignment on time because the college's wifi was extremely painfully awfully slow :(

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Internet connection at Augie

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