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I'm trying to access my H: Drive on my own computer so I can work on an assignment I saved to my H: Drive in the lab. I have read the post on the forum about accessing it from your own computer but I keep getting "access denied." I was wondering if anyone had found a way to connect to it!

I am on Augustana Wifi and am using my correct credentials!

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I was having the same problem, but I figured it out with enough experimenting.

First, read over this link: http://lovelace.augustana.edu/q2a/index.php/481/how-do-i-access-my-h-drive-or-the-s-drive-on-my-own-laptop

What worked for me was to map the H: drive BEFORE trying to log in to the server. When you try to map the drive, it will ask you for your credentials. Follow the instructions on the article above and it should work.

I tried going the other way at first, and I kept getting the "Access Denied" message. Sounds like this is happening to you as well. Of course, this was all done with a Windows computer -- if you have a Mac or something different, you should contact your professor for further assistance. As far as I know, there aren't any articles on here for accessing H: or S: drive on anything other than Windows...

Hope this helps!

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I was following the directions from that post and I was still having the issue, however when I mapped the drive first like you said it worked. Thank you!