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Guys, for the calendar of the term project. Do you guys use any specific library to build a calendar, or you're making it from scratch?

asked in CSC305 Fall 2021 by (2.1k points)

3 Answers

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I think that you can use CalendarFX, although its components are kinda hard and mess up to implement. If it is too hard to use any library, cause at the end of the day, JavaFX is designed mostly for backend stuff, you can draw a calendar grid, no need to be responsive

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We used CalendarFX for ours and it was kind of hard but it ended up looking pretty cool. It is probably done a lot faster with just regular JavaFX. We just wanted our group to be a bit different than the rest.

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Thank you. It's hard for my group to find out where to download the jar files for CalendarFx. Can you suggest some links? There seems to be little instruction regarding how to install, or the instruction wouldn't be clear enough.



This is a great link to use and you can find the jar files needed.

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We simply just drew the calendar and stored important coordinate locations into dictionaries to use for later when creating the class boxes.

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