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Is the 3rd demo pretty much the final code for the project?

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Yes, pretty much the final code

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That is my understanding, yes. Maybe the groups can alter little things if they see fit, but all the final requirements seem to also be demo 3 requirements.

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Looking at an email our classes received from Dr Tauheed, the third demo will be happening in class on thursday of week 14. In addition to that, there is a final presentation during the last two days of exam week. He mentions that we should have a class diagram, junit tests, clean code, and proper naming. So in short yes.

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Here is the administrivia for Week #14 after Thanksgiving.

•November 30th – 3rd Project Demo (Internal)
–Class Diagram
–Junit test
–Clean code, with comments
–Only JavaFX should be used no AWT or Swings
–Proper naming convention for methods, variables, and class names
•Final Presentation would be during the exam week
•December 2nd – Final Exam (single side cheat sheet allowed)

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I think it's the final look at the code before the presentation but we might be able to work on the code before the presentation and then turn it in.

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I think it should be the final code, although we still have the presentation next week.

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