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I am asking because I heard we need to get 1000 points to get good grade in participation :< right?

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I don't know if comment can count points


Upvoting someones comment will give them 8 points though hehe


I'm literally upvoting every comment I see.

5 Answers

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I think you should have more than or equal to 2k points to get an A

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2000 points to get an A

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1000 is only a C

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"Q&A grading scale: A >= 2000 > B >= 1500 > C >= 1000 > D >= 500 > F" for 4% of our overall grade is what the syllabus says, so time to post many questions/answers! Voting people's questions/comments/answers also gives points.

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if you have more than 2k points then you will have an A

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