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Eclipse on my laptop has run out of memory and opening the program or attempting to make changes causes it to throw a java heap error and then crash moments later. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the program. I have updated the program to the latest edition of Eclipse. I have created a new workspace. I have attempted to manually increase the memory using the eclipse.ini document. None of this has work. Help.

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2 Answers

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How much ram does your computer have? Depending on the age of your computer, it might not be able to handle eclipse...This link might help

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My laptop is about 5 years old, but it can still run heavily modded Minecraft (which needs a lot of ram) and other ram heavy games with no problem. So I don't think my computer's overall ram is the issue here.

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Not sure if this will work, but one other thing you could try is to install a different version of the Java JDK, and then changing the eclipse.ini file to point to that (
https://stackoverflow.com/questions/23174265/how-to-specify-jdk-path-in-eclipse-ini-on-windows-8-when-path-contains-space )

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