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Happy almost last day of school everyone! Good luck on finals tomorrow and if you feel like it comment on what you plan on doing this summer!

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7 Answers

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I'm going home to Norway next week!

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I'll be going to New York.

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I am going back to Ethiopia after I head to Seattle.

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im going back to Morocco :)

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I'll be moving to St. Louis and starting my job as a GIS Analyst!

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I will be going back home and working all summer, all while training for xc/track and volunteering at my local hospital! Also, what are your plans, Nicholas?

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Sounds fun! I'll be starting my internship and working for the whole summer in Tennessee starting on Monday!

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I miss my home in Vietnam but still can't come home at the moment.
I'm up for an upcoming summer job to earn some to afford my education.
So far, all of my plans are to go to work instead of jumping on vacation.
My plan seems not interesting at all :'( What's your plan?

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