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We are using firebase to host user info as well as reviews that the post to our app. When generating a ID key for each of these users is it best to allow firebase to auto-generate them as the are guaranteed to be different or generate a key manually based off the email they sign up with?

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I am adding the firebase ID autogeneration tool to create unique ideas on a project I am working on and it is working out fine, try it and let me know if you encounter a problem, I can help out!

3 Answers

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You can use https://www.npmjs.com/package/react-uuid to do local generation keys that are also granted to be unique if you don't want to use firebase generated keys. Both way your guaranteed unique keys.

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I think in a situation like the email they are signing up with in our app where the first part is guaranteed to be unique, making your own is fine. Otherwise, I think the automatic key generation works well for IDs for objects with properties that are hard to make into a unique key.

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Yes, everyone new signs up with firebase gonna be unique ID

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