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I want to load a file into react native to grab a value for a variable. I have found other's loading html files into views, but I have not been able to find good articles on how to load an html file with a variable so I can load it into my program.

Just for a little context, I want to store my API key for my firebase in a separate file so I can add it to my gitignore.

closed with the note: It was a duplicate of my old question, but didn't get a full answer to. Now going back I can better phrase the question.
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Oh haha, in the chaos and bruises of the individual project, I posted this as a what would I do if I was going to do this and didn't implement a solution since we submitted our projects. But now I will go back and look at those solutions, specifically that stack overflow link you posted. Thanks and sorry for the duplicate. I will keep this open though if that solution doesn't work, but if it does I will close this question.