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  changeHandler = (keyName) => {
return (evt) => {


For example if the starting value for a text field is 22 and I backspace once so that the field on the UI reads 2, the value that is grabbed by the evt.target.value is 22 not 2. But If I type a 2 onto the 2 that is already there, the evt.target.value is 2 not 22 as desired...

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2 Answers

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Use async and await for the method and it will solve your problem :))

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Can you explain more clearly how/why this would solve the problem?


I will answer you in a separate comment due to the length.

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In most situation, this happens because the data already pushed to others component before your method changeHandler can process it, so what you need to do is create a promise (async, await) like this:
const changeHandler = async (evt) =>{

      await this.props[`set${evt.target.name}`](Number(evt.target.value));
      await this.computeData();


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