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Does anyone know how to timestamp a string in firebase using React so it could be sorted a certain way?

asked in CSC490_Spring202021 by (-492 points)

2 Answers

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If you specifically want to use a timestamp, then you could try getting the time from a Date object, then use that as the key when storing your value. When you write to Firebase it automatically sorts the items in a branch by their key.

Also, if you have children in Firebase that themselves have multiple children, you can use OrderByChild() to order what you read by a specific child. The link below is to some documentation that has the orderByChild() method listed.


I also answered this in the Spring2019 Q&A, but I also wanted to put this here in case anyone needed this, but don't see it in the 2019 one.

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You can change the date to the number and store them in firebase, when you call it to sort by value then change them to the date

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I used a firebase time stamp function to set a standard timeline for all the inputs.