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First, you need to be on-campus (Augie wifi, or a wired connection) to do this. Augustana's firewall prevents accessing these files from off-campus.

These directions are for Windows computers... it's also possible from Mac/Linux, but you'll need to drop by so we can figure through the steps together, and then post that as a separate answer!

H: drive instructions:

In any folder view (or go to "This PC" or "My Computer"), type in the location bar:


For example: \\swann\students\harrypotter18\

It should prompt you for a username & password:

username: AUGIENT\harrypotter18
password: harrypotter'saugustanapassword

S: drive instructions: same as above, except use the location: \\mimir\COMMON

Note: If you want to be able to access these locations using the names "H:" or "S:", you can use a procedure called "Map Network Drive" (available from "This PC" or "My Computer"), choosing a drive letter (e.g. "H" or "S") and entering in the information given above.

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