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6 Answers

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Well, my team might be using their Google Map API.

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Same group, so google map api and likely firebase.

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Well, Firebase is a part of the Google Cloud Platform, and I think a lot of people will be using it.

However, it's definitely a good question about whether people are using any other features of GCP beyond Firebase.

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We will be using the firebase Database and Storage functions to store and retrieve our data for the team project.

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I have been working with a few different Virtual Machines in Google Cloud Platform for my individual project. It costs money but between the $50 coupon given by Stonedahl, and $300 credit for new users, it has covered it all.

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So far I think my group is just going to be using firebase.

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I used GCP storage. It will require your billing address and your card, so just be careful with it

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