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Where is everyone at in terms of how much of their individual project they have completed? I'm about 30-40% done with mine if I had to guess. I know we still have a bit of time before it's due, but I'm curious if I am behind in how much I've done.

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6 Answers

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That sounds very reasonable to me.

Also, I'd like to take this opportunity to post a timely reminder that this has been a strange/tough year, with COVID and distance learning, and all, and I realize that the SI being virtual can lead to an additional sense of isolation... so... please don't freak out about your individual projects! As I've mentioned before, many of you will need to scale back on your ambitious plans/features. Most of you are learning a completely new technology, and things will naturally go wrong. Roll with it. (If one door closes, try Windows. Just kidding. Try Linux... Linux is better. ;-) )

So... YES, you should be working on your individual project and making progress, and you do need to have something interesting to show/demo. But you should expect that progress will be slow, and NO, you shouldn't hold yourself to unreasonably high expectations. Please don't let misplaced perfectionism or high anxiety/stress debilitate you!

To help relieve stress, I should mention that I will be reasonably lenient in grading these individual projects, and you can earn a decent grade as long as you can demonstrate you've put forth a good-faith effort. (Again, part of demonstrating this is using git/GitHub, and committing regularly, so that I can see progress... or I can see things that you tried, failed, and had to redo, etc.)

Also, recall that the primary goal of the individual project is to ensure that everyone is learning things and building skills that will help their team projects be successful, which is the major venture for the SI.

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This answer was extremely helpful as I sit at my desk panicking that I haven't mastered Android Studio yet.

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I've gotten the basic functionality of my app done. I've got a lot of things I'm still testing/tweaking though. Also it looks super boring.

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Not even completed the core functions, so I think we are in the same progress

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I have done a lot of the visual work in android studio because that is the most tedious work to me. Most of my remaining work is java coding which I am at least a bit more comfortable with but still a little lost in some of the differences in android studio.

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I'm in a similar boat, trying to translate java knowledge to how android studio wants it done

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I have not completed enough, still trying to learn how to utilize elements of react-native as required. But as I understand these concepts hopefully a lot of it will just be busy work implementing the features.

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I'm doing a lot of tutorial for now for the React portion of my project. I have set up the backend database and everything else for the project.

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