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This is a good question that I'm curious about too.
I plan on looking back on the routine practices and make a general note sheet for solving different types of problems. Also taking notice to the things that I commonly miss or mess up on, and practice those more too like looping or nested loops using text/numbers


Thats what I was also thinking too and the preparation will depend alot on the format the exam has.

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I will look at the routine and concept practices, and maybe do some of them again.

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Run through the routine practices, and make sure you have a good understanding of the Concept practices.

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You can also review the power points and write some code functions you don't have memorized yet in order to add them in your practice routines :)
Review/ re-do the practice and solo routines.
Go through the concept routines and understand them without writing the input in Thonny.

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You can do the routine practice exercises and concept practices and go through the slides for concepts you don't understand

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Another thing you can do is look at the previous midterm from last semesters to see what type of questions were asked

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