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Hello all! I was just wondering if anyone knew how to easily boost your QandA points? I already mostly know how, so this is mostly for the people who are falling behind to learn how they can get their points up!

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Keep in mind that the purpose is not to "game the system", but rather to help one another and share knowledge.

If I see spammy questions/answers, or people answering their own questions and selecting their own answers as best, I will start deleting things that aren't adding educational value and look to just be grabbing for points.

Outrageous cases of point grubbing without being useful to other students could even result in House Points being taken away!

I'll let Austin partially get away with it with this question, but I'll be watching him!

If you see someone abusing the Q&A for unreasonable point gain, please use the downvote them AND use the FLAG feature to mark those posts for review, and I will come along and probably delete them.

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Just answering, Commenting, upvoting, asking questions, answering your own question, like you did right now hahaha!
Also, spam answers JK!! LOL

Hope this helps!! xD

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