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Definitely. The language can run on a lot systems and OS (Win, Mac). It is used very often but not in the mobile app since mobile app is more complex and doesn't run that well with python

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Since Python programming language runs on many major operating systems, it is used by a variety of programmers. Python can be used to create mobile applications for Android, iOS, and Windows

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That's really cool! Do you think if we stuck with csc throughout our time here that we'd eventually become good enough to be able to produce a working and useable app?


yeah, for sure! also dr.Stonedahl has done some really good projects with python check his website, projects are a the most important part of your resume because it portrays you skills and shows the employer( if you're looking for an interniship or a job) how good of computer wizard you are lol. what kind of project do u plan on working on?

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Yes. For creating installers that can deploy the Python programs you write to Windows or Mac, you might check out https://www.pyinstaller.org/ . Building mobile apps with Python is harder, but still possible with frameworks like kivy and beeware. Python is also used to build web apps, although primarily on the back end (server side), since the client side is usually running Javascript in the browser.

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I think it can be used to create apps and is really good for everyone to make apps because it is available in major platforms like windows, Linux and macOS. But in recent years python has become quite popular with making apps, according to https://dzone.com/articles/why-python-has-become-a-popular-choice-for-mobile, from 2012 to 2019, it has seen growth in its users and it has more users than Java, " According to SlashData, there are now 8.2 million developers in the world who code using Python and that population is now larger than those who build in Java, who number 7.6 million. Last September, there were seven million Python developers and 7.1 million Java developer" this means creating apps from python is possible and popular as well!!

Hope this helps!!

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