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This question could be explained such as Mac, Windows, or Linux, which one is the best fit for CS students or developers?
Im not majoring in Computer Science so I had no idea of those systems. As far as I know, Windows and Mac are quite popular for many users but are those systems ideal options, especially for coding?
Im curious about this question, which was evoked from previous Austin's question.

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So from what I know, Linux is basically the best all-around OS just because of its versatility and how much you can do with it. However, that's really only if you know what you're doing and have the experience necessary to be able to utilize all the functions of Linux.
If you're not an avid user of Linux, Windows and macOS are a lot easier to use just because of their user-friendliness, basically meaning they are easier for people to just pick up and go.
I personally prefer Windows over macOS though because I'm used to Windows and all of its features. I also don't like to conform to the greed of Apple (I say that even though I have an iPhone).

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Great! Thank you for correcting me. I wouldn't know that Linux is the best all-around OS. I did search for the number of users varying with Windows, macOS and Linux, it seems like Windows makes up the most users:
Is it sort of controversial?
Also, I heard that Linux is quite good at its security, isnt it?
Anyway, thank you for your answer. It opened my mind a lot.


I would say yes Linux is really good for it secure operating system and sometimes good but most of the users prefer macOS or windows because of there easy way of using it! There are only 1% users of Linux over the world so its really not that popular but good for security!


Great! Im clear now, Thank you both Austin and Dhanajay!


No problem!! :)