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Does he want us to put how the code works?
Um.... how the program works?
I thought we gonna run our program.

Save me.....

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2 Answers

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Here's a couple things you can do:

  • Talk about how the classes interact with each other (maybe make a UML diagram)
  • Comment on any software design patterns you implemented
  • Discuss what you learned over the course of this project (whether it be about working with a team or completing a large coding project)
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Yes, you are going to run your program and demo it. However, a few slides should help complement that demo and discuss things that aren't apparent from the demo itself.

I want you to show me that you can discuss your software at a more technical level than "click, click -- see it works!", but at a higher level than "watch us as we scroll by a bunch of Java code that you don't have time to understand..."

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