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Hey guys, for question one I'm a little confused about how to print how many positive and negative numbers. I can get the sums and everything but don't know how to say 'There were 3 positive numbers' and so on.

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3 Answers

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So when you make your sum, you set your variable to add to itself every loop. This is done with something like

theSum = theSum + inputNumber

which it sounds like youve already done. so to keep track of how MANY numbers are being summed, you need another variable, which adds 1 to itself every loop. something like

y = y + 1

and then you just have to work out how to make it so that every time theSum is increased, your other variable increases by 1.

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Awesome, thanks Furby!


Good, but "y" is not a descriptive variable name, so use a name like positiveCount instead!

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I made an if statement.

If number > 0:
   positiveCount = positiveCount + 1

And the same with negative

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Thanks Eirik!

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Did you get this fixed? I tried the suggestions below and my positiveCount keeps equalling 1...

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