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What is the difference between / and //?

I know both produce float numbers

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5 Answers

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/ will produce floating division
Ex: 27/8 = 3.375
// will produce integer division
Ex: 27/8 = 3

Hope this helps!

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ahh!! thank you~!!!!

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/ is used for regular division, and produces float numbers.

// is used for integer division, and only produces integers, dropping any remainder.

for example, 9//2 = 4 , since 2 goes into 9 4 whole times.

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thanks so much!!!

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/ is for regular division and // is used to indicate integer division. 10/3=3.33 but 10//3=3 because 3 goes into 10 three times.

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You use / when you want division that answer only keeps the whole integer and drop the remainder

You use / when you want division that answer will be a float, which comes out to be a decimal number, ...

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/ is used as a regular division and it produces floating numbers. For example- 22/3 = 7.33

// is used as a integer division and produces integers and real numbers, leaving out the remainders.
For example- 24/5 = 4 (5*4=20)

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