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How long did you guys have to let it run for it to finish?

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3 Answers

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Our population size and number of generations were both 100 and it didn't take super long to run. I forgot exactly how long but I think it took about 30 minutes

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The longest set we ran was A population of 80 with 200 generations and it took my computer about 14 hours

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We ran a 500 generation with 100 duels, 150 wizards, 300 movement rounds, and 7 rules. It took about 18 hours for it to complete. It took anywhere from 2 minutes to 30 minutes to complete one generation. It did not do as well as our wizard who had the parameters: 100 wizards, 100 generations, 7 rules, 100 duels, 100 movement rounds. That only took maybe an hour or two.

The most disappointing thing about the 500 generation wizard is that he was not good :'(

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