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In the comments for the runGeneticAlgorithm, it indicates what the parameters are and recommends some minimums for certain parameters. When it comes to the population size and the number of generations, what is a recommended maximum for those values? I understand that other factors such as the number of rules in the wizard, the number of duels, and the number of moves influence the time it takes to complete this (as well as time remaining to run the genetic algorithm), but if you were to use the values that will be used in the tournament (100 duels and 300 moves in each duel), what would be those maximum values be?

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1 Answer

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There are no maximum values, but if you choose the values to be too large, you may find that it takes too many hours to get any results!

I would recommend doing a short/small GA test first, measuring the time taken for that, and then using that to estimate how much larger you can make the GA parameters and still expect the code to finish in a reasonable amount of time.

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