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I know we saw the live demos of certain projects on the due date. Will we ever get to see all of the recorded video demos?

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I hope so

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Sorry -- somehow I missed this, and forgot to make these available!

Here's a link (which will only work for augustana.edu accounts) to a folder containing the individual videos for the people in the class who didn't present "live".


(I'm afraid I haven't finished grading them... so far behind on everything... sigh.)

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Hopefully soon!

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Is there any way for people outside of the class to see the project demos? Like last year anyone can participate in the final presentation so I think it'd be nice being able to do the same thing this year.

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Yes, we should be able to invite more people (friends, classmates, family?) to the SI final team project presentations. I was thinking we'd do it on Google Meet, but it's a bit tricky, since it's not clear that Google will allow audio-sharing, which the HAM radio team needs for their demo, so we might have to use Discord... but the video quality on Discord seems like it isn't quite as good, and also some members of the public that we might want to invite may not want to install Discord, etc. But we'll figure out something...

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I believe, Dr. Stonedhal will share it with us on google drive.

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If you go into your "Shared with me" on your google drive, the folder should be there with the videos from the other presentations.

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Nevermind I just realized that that was just the recording from the google meet, ope.

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shared via google drive

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