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Just wondering if people are struggling with communicating with their teams during distance learning and if anyone has good tips/advice for making sure your group stays on the same page and doesn't step on each others toes while coding the same project.

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I think daily/weekly scrum would be the best way to go whether it's face-to-face or distant learning. I'd suggest your team use some project management platforms such as Jira or Trello. Good luck!

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As far as not stepping on each other's toes, it helps if everyone assigns issues to themselves on GitHub so that everyone can see what everyone else is working on and is planning to work on.

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Assigning issues on github and keeping track of what everyone is working on is what is really helping our team

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We made a group on Discord and Snapchat so that we could talk to eachother at the computer and if we were out. Discord's video sharing has improved drastically since the Quarentine updates they sent out. They increased the bit-rate that calls are allowed to exceed quite a bit.

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