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So I currently have my configuration information for firebase not included in my github repository to keep it private. When it comes to having the program be submitted, is it okay to just send the configuration that would need to be put in Firebase.js in firebaseConfig via email instead?

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Sure. It's good security practice to keep firebase credentials and any other privileged information OUT of your git repo. (Less important if it's a private repo, but it could become public some day...)

Honestly, it doesn't matter too much if you email me the firebase config information, since I probably won't run your code for your individual projects.

I want to see you run your code, in your app demo, and I plan to read your code (up on GitHub), but I don't necessarily need to build/run it myself.

It might be nice if you could share your Firebase console for your project with me though, so I can take a look at how you structured your database. Open up the Firebase web console, and the specific project, and choose "users & permissions", and add my email address as a "Viewer" role.

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If we didn't do this before, do you still want us to add you to the Firebase console?