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What are your top recommendations for any tools/services (besides git & GitHub, of course) that your team OR other teams could use to collaborate productively remotely, during the second half of the term?

Beyond tools, do you have any other ideas or resources to share (e.g. articles about how to overcome loneliness or procrastination while working remotely?)

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I would recommend using discord. Discord is a free app that allows people to communicate via messaging and voice chat. People just have to create an account and friend other people (their teammates) to use it. Calls can have multiple people in it. The best thing about this is in a call, you can share screens through discord which would allow for pair programming (as one person codes and the other helps).

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This sounds good. However, I should mention that Augustana's preferred voice/video chat function will be "Google Meet" (improved version of Google Hangouts), which also allows screen sharing and up to 250 simultaneous users connected, and everyone already has a Google Account. If professors of other classes are doing live streaming video chat, you can expect Google Meet to be the choice...