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This could be on any platform or using any technologies. Hopefully this post might give a network where people can reach out for help if they get stuck on a problem that someone has already solved.

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Learning about the SHA-1 code and how our project would not even build when we had an unregistered SHA-1

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Finding out that if your object hits your player, you go flying off into space. That was really interesting and not at all disorienting to discover

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Okay so here me out on this! If you are planning on using Firebase and you have created any custom class to store a custom type for your project please read through these two links.

I spent many hours trying to store a custom type / object into Firebase (containing many different fields like: String, int, ArrayList, etc.) and I wanted to be able to reference this stored data for some functionality of my application.

It turns out that the "DataSnapshot" type that is provided in the Firebase package has a method for getting all immediate children of the current DB reference point. So, you are able to store this into your own custom type by the following code.


Declare a global list to store the data to:
ArrayList list = new ArrayList<>();

list = new ArrayList<>();
myRef.addValueEventListener(new ValueEventListener() {

        public void onDataChange(@NonNull DataSnapshot dataSnapshot) {
            DataSnapshot d = dataSnapshot.getChildren;
            CustomType q = d.getValue(CustomType.class);
            // Now from here you are able to do any get() methods you have defined in your 
               own custom class and a way to test this until you figure out how you want to use it 
               is as follows!
           ToastToast.makeText(this, ""+list.get(0).getName(),Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();




If you need any additional clarification on this let me know during class and I can hopefully assist you.

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