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I'm interested in what kind of ideas you guys came up with for your individual projects

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I lucked out and didn't have to come up with mine, I'm working on the phonetics app for Dr. Jakielski in CSD, basically rating how difficult a word is based on the sounds in it using IPA characters to represent the sounds. It's neat for me getting to use my skills from theatre+music for a real world project!

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I am doing a fantasy sports app where you can choose and set your lineup by picking players after seeing their stats. Then after you set your lineup you can see the imaginary points your team would score.

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I am creating a stat keeping app for a basketball player/team. The user will be able to keep track of their stats throughout the season in an easy way!

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I'm making an app that will help guide a new / veteran player of a game through the basics of tasks and task items for Escape from Tarkov.

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I'm working on a sort of events planner app.

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