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What I meant is :

When relying on NetLogo to create 3D objects, we don't have much choice to create and innovate. So I'm asking if it is possible to bring projects made with more advanced programs to be printed in that printer after class is finished.

Thank you.

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The 3D printer was purchased by the department for educational use, primarily in math and computer science classes or projects. Additionally, the spools of plastic filament do cost money (about $20-$30 per spool). Thus, the printer is not available for any Augustana students to print whatever they want on. However, if you have project ideas that you want to use a 3-D printer for, let me know! It may be possible, and I'll discuss it with the department. (Augustana students are also allowed to use the Physics/Engineering 3D printer, which is fancier than ours, if they pay for the cost of the materials -- talk to Dr. Josh Dyer about that if you're interested.) The CatLab (Catalyst Lab - Center for Creativity) in Bergendoff is also supposed to be getting a 3-D printer sometime soon, and I believe that would be available for any student to use on creative projects.

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Yes, the professor already told us that we can come back in the spring term to get our 3D prints done.

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