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I wanted to add some kind of countdown board then countdown from 3 to 0.

asked in CSC 150 January201920 by (8 points)

5 Answers

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you could maybe do some timing with ticks to incorporate a countdown. Thats all I can think of

answered by (8 points)

This is probably right. You could have certain turtles correspond to a certain tick number so that way when it hits a certain tick a turtle will draw a certain number out. That's what I'd do at least.


Thanks. I'll try that.

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It may be difficult but you could try to design turtles that resemble these numbers, and then command them to show up one at a time as a countdown.

answered by (8 points)

That's possible too.

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another option would be to use the wait command.

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I don't know how to show a number in netlogo. But in my opinion, you can create a small colored patch with "tick". For each tick, the opacity of the shape will run from 128 to 0 (0 means time's up)

answered by (8 points)