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I have been having problems with the "other test" as well. When the code compiles every expected output is produced correctly with the exception of the "other test".


I realized my mistake. I had multiple "if" statements and no "if else" statements. I added them and everything is working just fine.

4 Answers

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In my experience with the homework, as long as the actual tests pass then the "other test" should pass as well. So I would try to focus on the rest of the tests and everything should fall into place

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It wasn't included in the description, but I also accounted for both being 21 as well as both busting (going over 21). Maybe that'll make a difference.

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If you pass all shown test you should pass the "other test" part too, at least that was what happened for me.

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I think this problems happen when your ideas correct in some situation, but not in all situation, which make other test fail.

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