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This is following up from my previous question I want to link a turtles so that multiple turtles can revolve around one (basically 1 turtle in the middle and 8 revolving around the one)

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5 Answers

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Here is the code that the professor demonstrated in class to link the turtle.

to setup
;; note -- this is a 2D example, but TIE should also work in Netlogo 3D

  cro 1 [
    set color blue
    fd 2
  cro 5 [
    fd 1
    set shape "circle"
    create-link-with turtle 0 [ tie hide-link ]
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Thank you

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ask turtles [create-link-with one-of other turtles]
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Here is my example: create-link-from one-of earths [ tie hide-link ]

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this worked for me to link turtles

create-link-with turtle 0 [ tie hide-link ]
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It's also in the s drive if you want it

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