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I put in this code below to try and make my video, but I get an error code and it does not work.

to render
  raytracing:output-resolution 600 400
  raytracing:start-movie "movietest" 10
  repeat 60 [
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Can you be more specific about the error?

2 Answers

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maybe it is an image that in't in the same folder or you put it in a folder with a space on it. However if it is not one of those you can try this one and see if it works for you.

to make-movie
  raytracing:output-resolution 300 200
  raytracing:start-movie "movietest" 10

  repeat 30
     orbit-up 1
     zoom 0.05
     ;;wait 0.05
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Note: you can also intersperse your movie-making commands throughout your whole code, like we did with the vid extension earlier in the course.

This part needs to be run first:

raytracing:output-resolution 600 400
raytracing:start-movie "movietest" 10

But then, after that, you can put raytracing:render-next-movie-frame anywhere in your code, just like we did with vid:record-view.

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