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Here is my code that allows you to use both drums and other instruments!

extensions [sound]

;;turtles own an "instrument" and a "kind"
turtles-own [instrument kind]

to setup


cro 4
;;drum turtles
ask turtle 0 [set instrument "Bass Drum 1" set kind "drum"]
ask turtle 1 [set instrument "Low Tom" set kind "drum"]

;;instrument turtles
ask turtle 2 [set instrument "Marimba" set kind "pitched"]
ask turtle 3 [set instrument "Marimba" set kind "pitched"]


to go

ask turtles [

fd 1
right random 90
left random 90

;;check if the turtle is a drum or not
ifelse kind = "drum" [
  ;;plays a drum note
  sound:play-drum instrument (180 + pxcor)
  ;;plays a non-drum note
  sound:play-note instrument (60 + pxcor) 128 .2
wait random 2 * (.25)


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This is super helpful, thank you!

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Thank you for sharing your work!

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Thank you, this helped a lot!

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Very helpful!

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Ahh I kept trying to play the drums using the note command and it wasn't working for me. Thank you so much !!

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Thanks for this, I had no idea how to use drums this was extremely helpful!!

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was very helpful. Thankyou

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Thank you so much <3

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