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I tried to make the video for the mosaics effect. It created a video but when I ran it. Nothing happened. There is no time and the screen is black.
Does anyone have same problems?

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2 Answers

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Hmm... you might put in a

  print "frame recorded"

statement next to your vid:record-view every time in your code, and count how many times it gets printed, to make sure that you're recording enough frames.

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Thank you


I have the same problem with Iris and I try your solution, but it did not work for my project.

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Have you tried to check the example we did in class
it might work here's the code

extensions [ vid ]
to setup
  import-pcolors-rgb "dog.jpg"
  ask patches [
    sprout 1 [
      set color pcolor
      set shape "cat"
      set heading 0
  ask patches [
    set pcolor black

to go
  ask turtles [
    right 5
 to finish
  vid:save-recording user-new-file
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