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My vidoe is really fast and I would want to slow it down

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I was having the same problem and the speed slider at the top of the screen wasn't helping.

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In the netlogo interface tab, select settings and slow down the frame rate.

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Thank you!


I'm afraid that won't affect the frame rate of the video that's created using the vid extension -- that just affects how quickly NetLogo displays things when you have the speed-slider in the middle position.

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To slow it down, you can either:

a) change your commands to make the turtles move slower, etc., or...
b) record repeated repeated/duplicate frames.

Choice a is probably harder, but has the possibility of making the video smoother as well as faster.

Choice b is quite easy! Everywhere in your code where you wrote


change it to

  repeat 10 [ vid:record-view ]

The exported video should now be 10 times slower, since it will now show the same repeated image for 10 whole frames each time...

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P.S. if you've already created the video, and want to edit it, take a look at my answer to this other question here: http://lovelace.augustana.edu/q2a/index.php/2553/how-can-we-make-a-video-faster